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Dear Baseball Families

We at Action Sports have been hit with very difficult times. In our short time of ownership, we have been knocked out by a tornado and now we are dealing with the COVID-19 restrictions. We are all trying to figure out our new normal during this situation. As we figure this out we have made great improvements to the facility and we are committed to making even more as the years go on... unfortunately we are unable to provide services as the social distancing practice has taken place. Once we are able to continue to operate normally we ask that you buy a little more from the concession stand and invite friends/family out to games. We are improving our concession offerings and will be partnering with a few local companies to enhance our food options for you to enjoy while at the park. Until then, support our local restaurants by carrying out when you can, these small businesses are struggling as well. We look forward to reopening when the time comes. We are updating our tournaments which will go into July if you are interested in extending your season, as always thank you for your support it is much appreciated

Action Sports